How To Use Linkedin To Find Your Ideal Job?
How to use LinkedIn to find a job

How To Use Linkedin To Find Your Ideal Job?

We all, at some point in our career, have created a LinkedIn profile. But do we all know what a LinkedIn profile can do for us? The benefits to using Linkedin for finding a job is clear. Not only will most employers research your profile on Googl or Linkedin to find out more about you, but many companies will now simly post their vacancies directly onto Linkedin as it makes finding the right candidate so mch more straight forward. Well, in this post, we are going to help you understand how you to use Linkedin to find a job and how you can use your profile on LinkedIn to get the maximum benefit in your job hunt.

  • Profile:

So first comes the profile, which acts as your online CV for the businesses and employers to find you. So it is always prudent to keep it updated. Use keywords in your title, summary, and other related fields to yield maximum benefit from the search algorithms.

  • Job hunt:

Check your LinkedIn page regularly to keep yourself updated regarding newly posted job roles. There is a “jobs” tab available on the top of the homepage for that purpose. Also, do check your contacts to stay informed if they are posting for any new jobs.

  • Connections:

Referrals make the hiring process a more convenient for both candidate and recruiters. So if you have applied for a job in any particular organization, do check their LinkedIn profile in the search tab. Once you find the page, check for the people that work in that specific organization, and try to find any familiar connections. Find the GEBS alumni community and then search for the people working in that particular sector, organization, or field to grab some useful insights.

  • Perform an in-depth search:

For the more informed decision making and interview sessions, it is advised to grab as much information as possible regarding the current happenings in a particular industry. To do so, you can check the groups’ section under the Work tab to reach the groups. Being in a group also gives you the edge to get informed about the latest job opportunities. Moreover, LinkedIn offers you an opportunity to get connected with your potential employer before an interview to build a good rapport. However, we do advise you to first contribute to your group rather than getting an advantage from their postings to make a good impression and future better social connections.

  • Stay active:

One of the most effective ways to get the most from your LinkedIn profile is to be active. The more you stay active on LinkedIn, the higher will be your appearance on the search results. By staying active, we mean to check your LinkedIn page frequently, edit and update your professional and personal information on a regular basis i-e once in a month. 

You can add your media connections, add regular updates, join various groups, add media links, endorse different skills, recommend others, and in exchange get recommended.

LinkedIn is a platform to give your career a certain “media connection boost.” It entirely depends on you as to how you use this tool to get the maximum advantage. Use these tips and make the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

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