1. Global Executive Business School courses are reviewed regularly to ensure currency of information and quality of performance.

  2. Functionality reviews are performed three months or when an issue is highlighted either to the client service team or via course

  3. Subject Matter Expert review of content is performed six monthly or when there is a change in regulation or good

  4. Reviews follow a standard procedure, with changes being documented on an edit sheet.

  5. The edit sheet is returned to the lead Instructional Designer (ID) who will liaise with the Design and Development team to action any changes required. (This is to ensure quality of content is supported by instructional design principles in relation to eLearning)

  6. Where the review is of a bespoke customer course and will lead to design effort the ID will liaise with the Sales & Marketing Department to agree costs and delivery

  7. It is the responsibility of the Sales team to agree the contract and delivery dates with the customer

  8. Once the edits have been actioned, the course will be Quality Assured by the Client Service team and signed off by the Subject Matter

  9. Once signed off the updated course will be versioned controlled and released onto the Learning Portal

This policy has been approved & authorised by:

Name: Nicole Petit

Position: Director of Quality Assurance

Date: 02 February 2020

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