How To Build A Personal Brand On Social Media?
How to build your social media brand

How To Build A Personal Brand On Social Media?

Understanding how to build a personal brand on social media is a supprisingly important question. The answer to this is likely to affect your career advancement. Today on some Leadership development programmes the content could include information in building a personal brand on social media. So we have crafted this guide to create a brand that will support your career ambitions.

  • Personalize LinkedIn URL:

Personalizing your LinkedIn URL makes it convenient for you to add it to wherever you want to connect with other people. Check the edit button on the profile page next to the URL for editing it.

  • Consistency is an asset:

Always try to maintain the same look across the various platform for consistency. Try to use the same photo for all your accounts to make your face recognizable to all your contacts.

  • Choose a compelling headline:

Adding an interesting headline or bio at your social media accounts like twitter and LinkedIn allows you to connect conveniently. However, do try to avoid confusing or cheesy lines as they might confuse the readers. 

  • Connects with groups and industry leaders:

Social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn offers you a chance to connect with people in your field. You can follow the industry leaders in your particular field and can also join groups related to your field. Stay active on these accounts by regularly posting and sharing stuff. If your posts are worthy, you get noticed by the recruiters or the industry leaders soon.

  • Share valuable content:

Build a reputation for sharing valuable and relevant content. Try not to indulge in spicy gossip sharing to avoid credibility loss. Your main aim is to build a professional image to enter your desired do share articles, blogs, and useful insights relevant to specific industry or field.

  • Avoid grammatical mistake:

The most embarrassing and unforgivable mistake on social media is the grammatical error. Your posts deliver your perception and image to others, and it should be error-proof.

  • Share personal content carefully:

Similar to written content, your pictures and videos matter a lot. There is the voice of your brand and conveys to other people how you are as a professional. So avoid uploading any personal video or picture content if you have created your account for professional reasons.

  • Networking:

Manage your networking is essential while using these platforms for professional gains. Whom you follow and who is following you matters a lot. So check your privacy settings before sharing any personal content or share content with the relevant people only.

  • Skill endorsements:

Skill endorsements are the most efficient way to let your connections validate your skills. If you are trying to enter a specific industry, do try to get most skills endorsements related to that industry.  Having the required skill will highlight your profile to potential recruiters.

So these are some of the tips to make your social media accounts your brand ambassadors and to let you gain maximum professional benefits using them all. However, all these media accounts are meant for socializing, so never forget to enjoy them.

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