Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have earned a university degree , while others have not completed high school. Some are youthful, while others are elderly. There are both men and women who succeed as entrepreneurs. In fact, when you look at entrepreneurship from the outside, you’re unlikely to find any parallels. But […]

Leadership development programme

Has the traditional degree in executive education become obsolete and are they fit for the purpose? Many CEOs today have shifted from investing in traditional executive development degrees to concentrating on executive short courses to add value to their top teams. This type of leadership development programme is designed to have an imediate impact into fast changing organsations. […]

Executive education programmes

START DATESJuly, Sept, Nov, Feb DURATION5 days with two-month follow up coaching FEESR9 900 During the five-day on-campus or live online programme, you will be coached to find solutions to your strategic challenges, while analysing your historical thinking patterns, and breakdowns will open up new possibilities for achievement and performance Who Is It For Entrepreneurs […]

Executive short courses

Suppose you have decided to get enrolled in an executive education programme. You must be wondering that this is the right move but do you have any bank balance, do you need support from your manager and get a sign-off from your manager. The first stage for getting in touch with your manager is to […]

Executive Leadership programme

If you are working in an organisation as a senior executive, you would have had your fair share of leadership development initiatives over the past few years. Dependent on how effective these were you are likely to have either fond or not so fond memories of these. Executive leadership programmes and certainly executive short courses […]

Digital Marketing Trends in Africa

Marketing today has changed significantly from what we saw perhaps a decade ago. For any organsiation doing business in Africa, keeping an eye on digital marketing trends in Africa is certainly invaluable. With the introduction of digital marketing, we’ve seen a huge shift in the way that organisations engage with their customers. No longer is […]

Executive short courses to develop as a leader

Trust is a crucial ingredient for any sustainable relationship. However, the conditions brought about by Covid 19 pandemic are filled with uncertainty, mortally threatening, and shifting rapidly. With these frightening circumstances, trusting our leaders is an indispensable factor. So if you are constantly seeking to further develop as a leader, how can you ensure you maintain trust during the current challenging time?

digital transformation

Approximately $900 billion of $1.3 trillion spent on digital transformation in 2019 went to waste. In Africa, specifically the opportunity that digital transformation brings is enormously promising.

The need for effective leadership development programmes in Africa has never been more of a priority. With a growing population, significant environmental, and economic challenges we need leaders who can set direction and inspire followers.


Strategies on workers' engagement have assisted in increasing company profits, improving productivity and efficiency, and reducing employee turnover. Effective engagement ensures that employees are happy both at work and at home.