executive eudcation in south africa

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a renewed interest in executive education. The sudden shift to remote work and the rapid changes in technology and business have made it clear that leaders need new skills and strategies to navigate this new environment. Executive education programs are designed to help leaders and […]

Just as the world is in lockdown, so are our working lives to some extent. This situation is truly frustrating for many. But for others, it provides an opportunity for reflecting on new career directions and paths, executive short course options, and changing direction for the better. This could very well be a moment to […]

Executve short courses online

Online learning has become an integral part of our education system, especially in this digital age, whether you are doing a regular degree course or executive short courses

Ever since the release of the first web browser, the internet has greatly changed people’s livelihood on personal and professional levels. As much as change may not always be obvious, it certainly is inevitable. The question really is What is Digital Leadership? The digital era, therefore, has changed and evolved into present-day practices where customers […]

Graduate Jobs and COVID19

Amid the COVID19 epidemic, we have been delivering our services to ensure our continuous support and assistance. The forthcoming weeks may be significant for almost all of you, requiring you to focus on your exams, final assignments, and dissertations. However, we still like to extend to you our consultation services regarding career, job application, interview […]

How to build your social media brand

Personal branding is extremely significant for effective career management. With the involvement of social media in our lives, we are more dependent on it for our career management than ever before.

How to complete a job application

So, you are thinking about applying for a job? Have you crafted your job application accordingly? Although it seems quite convenient and tempting to use the same cover letter and CV for all kinds of job applications, it is not helpful at all. We have penned down some essential tips to assist you in acing […]

Guidance on career change

Changing a career is a challenging decision no matter what age you are in, but changing your career after 40, especially of you have dependents and financial responsibilities will require some additional thought. This process is seldom straight forward and might include some short term sactifices.

If you are planning on finding a job abroad, then you must be prepared to face some obstacales and challenges. Worried? Well, don’t be as at GEBS careers we offer you a range of resources to aid your ambitions. Herewith some of the factors to be taken into considdertation while applying for a job abroad.

In this post, we are going to help you understand how you to use Linkedin to find a job and how you can use your profile on LinkedIn to get the maximum benefit in your job hunt.