Graduate Careers and COVID19
Graduate Jobs and COVID19

Graduate Careers and COVID19

Amid the COVID19 epidemic, we have been delivering our services to ensure our continuous support and assistance. The forthcoming weeks may be significant for almost all of you, requiring you to focus on your exams, final assignments, and dissertations. However, we still like to extend to you our consultation services regarding career, job application, interview preparation, or any other query regarding the Q&A session. 

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We have enlisted below a list of FAQs asked by students. You can go through the information to find related information. If your required information is not available below, please feel free to get in touch with us if you are seeking insights regarding COVID19 and GEBS’s school-wide response head straight to the FAQs page of the school.

We have been in contact with the employers since the start of COVID19. Just to keep you updated regarding their recruitment policies and plans and the impact of COVID19 on those plans. If your business is looking to understand how to best plan for a post-pandemic future than of course, we are here to support.

GEBS Careers Support:

  • Appointments:

As far as the appointments are concerned, the whole recruitment process has been taken to online space via skype or Zoom. The process includes discussion regarding career, feedback regarding CV, and cover letter and interview practices. If you don’t have the skype facility, all you have to do is inform us, and we will come up with some plausible solutions for you.

Bookings for the appointments has been started a week ago and open at 9.30 am every morning. For all kinds of discussion regarding your application, CV, or even cover letter, you are required to upload your documents as well. 

For the interview practice session, you can make booking a month prior in advance. To cater to the needs of students across the globe, we have softened our working hours for appointments.

Booking Of Appointments Via Careerhub

  • Complete guidance and assistance for Disabled students:

We extend our career assistance and guidance services for disabled students. We also ensure that all your accessibility needs are met.


All information regarding online events is available on CareerHub. As far as our summer programme is concerned, we will update the details regarding this programme in June.

  • Q&A sessions:

We are pleased to inform you that we will continue our Q&A sessions online. In these sessions, you will be given a chance to ask questions directly from our team. Regardless of your area of residence, you will conveniently adjust your schedule for these sessions.

  • Employer events:

With the current epidemic, business is shifting all their recruitment sessions online. For the summer internship programs, a wide majority of employers are advertising online.

Virtual media is facilitating the assessment process for the internship and permanent positions within a company. 

We are making all the information regarding off-campus events and career opportunities available on CareerHub. If there are going to be any significant changes, we will inform you on a priority basis.

Appointments With GEBS Careers

For all queries and information, please contact us through the GEBS website. 

You can send your queries to us and we will answer all the inquiries during the routine working hours from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 am to 5 pm.

If you have any enquiry or questions you don’t feel comfortable in sharing on skype discussion, you can ask us through our extended enquiry email service.

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