Executive Education Programmes

Uniquely designed for  African Leaders delivered in partnership with UK Universities.

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Why Choose GEBS Executive Education Programmes


Executive education programmes adapted to the challenges of tomorrow

All programmes come with a range of benefits
1. Flexible learning in partnership with top UK Universities
2. Receive an internationally accepted, CPD certificate to certify your learning.
3. Two months of executive coaching with all courses

Forthcoming Executive Short Courses

1. Accelerated Leadership Programme
2. Senior Management Development Programme
3. Advancing Women in Leadership Programme
4. Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme
5. Improving Performance of Business Operations Intensive
6. Leadership in Challenging Times Intensive
7. Managing and Enhancing Hospitality Customer Service
8. Strategic Planning and Risk Management Intensive

Executive Education with a difference
GEBS believes in the value of an enriched environment for our executive education programme students in which learning is extended from the classroom into their working environment. According to Gartner, technology is critical to creating an enriched learning environment for GEBS students. We leverage technology to provide a unique, advanced, accessible and highly sought after 21st century learning environment. 

The GEBS learning environment provides both face-to-face and e-learning opportunities in a variety of formats, most of which will be accessible on-demand and at the pace that best suits individual students. Technology is integrated into traditionally taught courses to enhance learning by making lectures more interactive and collaborative. There will also be components of courses and complete courses that are fully online to be accessed by individual students based on their schedules and the pace at which they learn the material. In addition, we offer blended courses that are a mix of traditional in-class learning and online, individually paced learning.