Online Job Interview Tips for Graduates

Online Job Interview Tips for Graduates

As the whole recruitment process has shifted to the online space due to the Coronavirus outspread, we are trying to address various issues faced by applicants. In this post, we share some online job interview tips for graduates to help you understand how to make the most  of your online job interview. So let’s get started.

  • Check your devices and its compatibility with communication aplications:

To avoid any inconvenience or disruption during the interview, ensure you have a compatible device and stable internet connection. As your interview is likely to take place on Zoom, Microsoft teams or Cisco Webex, make sure your phone, aptop or desktop is compatible and your camera and microphone is working.

  • Choose the quiet place:

Choose your sitting place carefully to make your interview more professional and smooth. Avoid places with dark lights, noise, or any other similar issue. Make sure you have a lght souce infront of you as this will optimise aprearance. Its also useful to have the camera at the same level as your face, so if yore using a laptop, perhaps stacka few books underneath to get the camera at eye level. 

  • Go through job requirements:

Whether online or in a personal interview, you must have a complete understanding as to what skills the job requires. Go through the job description and highlights the skills they demand, as you might be questioned accordingly.

  • Get industry knowledge:

Go through news and business news feed to update your knowledge regarding the current business and industry conditions. 

  • What is your motivation?

As most of the interviews, the initial questioning would be regarding your motivation, so you have to be certain about it. Create a connection between your skills and the organizational values and demands to portray yourself as a good fit. Talk about your motivation with a passion for making a better impression on the employers.

  • Dress professionally:

Your dressing always makes the first impression, so it is cautious about dressing professionally.

  • Body language:

When it comes to body language, the same rules apply as in the personal interview sessions. Make sure to:

  • Sit with a straight back and open shoulders.
  • Keep good eye contact.
  • Keep your tone firm
  • Use appropriate hand gestures and if you are sitting at a table, make sure your hands are visible. 
  • Show attention when the interviewer is talking to portray respect.
  • Place important accessories near you:

Place a glass of water and a notebook near you. You might have to note down some keynotes. Or you can keep some key points in front of you for some assistance. You might even put a few sticky notes around the area where your camera is, for you to look at without appearing to look away during he interview.

  • Respond clearly and concisely:

Try not to speak fast and also do take some breaks while answering the questions. During the online interview, you might not be able to have physical cues from the interviewer, so take some time and talk clearly yet concisely in response.

  • If things don’t go as planned:

If you have a bad internet connection, you can ask the interviewer if you can continue on the phone.

If you get interrupted due to some noise, do not panic. Instead, apologies to them for the disturbance and take some time to let the disturbance settle down.

  • Closing interview and the follow-up:

Always ask at least two questions from the interviewer at the end of the interview. Your questions must demand information that is not available online. Also, write a short email thanking for the time and do express your motivation to join their organization.

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