Maximizing Your Virtual Internship Experience During Lockdown

Maximizing Your Virtual Internship Experience During Lockdown

With the outburst of Coronavirus, we have witnessed a massive change in our lives. From shopping to working, everything has been shifted to virtual platforms, and no one truly knows when it is going to end. With the ongoing epidemic, many businesses find a way to stay in business through virtual work or work from home. This has also meant that students are now studying through virtual classrooms like Zoom, Microsoft teams and Cisco. Even Google has now created their own online meeting platform which you can access directly through Gmail.

One of the specific groups of students affected are those who have access to internships as part of their course programmes.

So how will students cope with this new world of virtual learning? Its already clear that some are enjoying their newly found freedom and flexibility while others are taking longer to adjust.  We have compiled a few tips and tricks to make the most out of your virtual experiences. So, all the students out there who are feeling a bit ambiguous as to how to embrace this whole virtual learning thing, do read this article for a better learning experience through your internship.

  • Dress professionally:

Internships tend to teach you how to behave in your professional life, and the first rule is to dress professionally. Now, although you are working from home, dressing properly still matters.

  • Arrange for a professional environment:

To have the complete experience of working in an office, you have to create a professional environment yourself. Choose a quiet zone with minimum interruptions so that you can perform your tasks without getting disrupted. You can communicate this to your family for a mutual understanding.

  • Be organized:

Internships are your first step towards a professional career, so try to induce habits that will work in your favour always. Keep your working table neat and tidy with organized files and notes.

  • Maintain regular working hours:

Having regular or well-defined work hours will let you work within the deadlines and also helps you in managing the workload.

  • Set boundaries:

It might be difficult for you to switch off if you are working from home. However, here the golden rule is to set boundaries prior to avoid troubles in the future.

  • Connect with co-workers:

Although working from home doesn’t allow you to bond with colleagues in lunch or coffee breaks, but it is still important for you to know the people you are Woking with. Schedule some short calls during the day to talk to your team.

  • Regular communication:

Communication is your tool to get familiar with not only the team you are working with but also makes your opinion matters. Ask your supervisor and get yourself involved in all the team meetings and chats.

  • Ask questions:

Do not hesitate to ask questions. As you are new to the organization, you need to ask as many questions as you can to keep yourself well informed and updated.

  • Ask for feedback:

Internships are an important tool for skill development and the quality of your work.

Note down your achievements:

To keep track of your learning, make notes regarding your achievements. It will not only help you in your internship reviews but also assist you in updating your CV.

  • Analyze your experience:

Once the internship is over, it is important to reflect on your experience as what you have learned so far, do you meet your internship goals, do you develop any skill and many more. 

We hope these tips will help you get a better internship experience while using a virtual media platform.

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