Job Interview Guidance: Everything You Need to Know
Student job interview tips

Job Interview Guidance: Everything You Need to Know

No matter how much you have prepared for your job interview, there is almost always an element of surprise when it comes to the actual experence. However, we have a few useful tips for you to overcome the surprise questions and maximise your chances with your next job interview.

  • Do proper research:

While preparing for a job interview, you might be expecting to share your knowledge and experience with the recruiters. However, they will be more interested in knowing how much you know about the organization and the role that has been offered to you. Try to get all the information using industry publications, news websites, organization’s website, employer networking events, and presentations so you are not caght off guard. 

  • Understand the format:

It is important to understand the format of the interview and then prepare for it accordingly. With the increasing use of online media like Skype, Google and Zoom for interviews, as the candidate you must ensure prior practice. GEBS offers the candidates practice interview sessions and career choaching to prepare for online interviews.

  • Practice is a must:

Always remember practice is the route of perfection, so once you are done with your research start answering question and practice them for enhanced confidence and control during the interview. Try to prepare concise answers for all the questions you expect to be asked during the interview.

  • Stop worrying:

The interview is not a matter of life and death, so stop panicking or worrying about it too much. Instead, take it as a learning experience and make amendments on your way to success.

  • Travel plans:

Always plan your route to avoid any delays and hurdles. Try to arive at the interview location early so that you have time to relax your muscles and compose yourself.

  • Dress professionally yet comfortably:

Although you are expected to be dressed professionally while going for an interview, you should choose comfortable clothes,  dressing uncomfortably might distract you and thus affect your performance on the day.

  • Effective interaction:

Your interaction counts the most during an interview, and the recruiters pay attention to it. Always try to display confidence while interacting with them. Always try to maintain eye contact, give them a firm handshake, and answer all the questions with a soft yet firm tone.

  • Stay positive:

Positive behavior gives you the power to overcome your fear and nerves. Before getting into the interview session, try to imagine yourself being successful and use that confidence during the interview.

  • Ask questions:

At the end of the interview, do ask some genuine questions to show your interest. However, your question must be well panned and related. To choose the right questions, ask yourself whether you care about the particular information or not and then finalize your questions.

Follow-up is a must:

A polite follow-up after the interview is considered a nice gesture and standouts you as a professional with great relationship building and communication skills.

  • Get assistance from GEBS careers:

We offer you comprehensive information regarding interviews on our website. Moreover, we also arrange seminars and workshops and practice sessions to clear all ambiguities an answer all your questions.

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