How To Find Employment Abroad?
Tips on finding employment abroad

How To Find Employment Abroad?

If you are planning on finding a job abroad, then you must be prepared to face some obstacales and challenges. Worried? Well, don’t be as at GEBS careers we offer you a range of resources to aid your ambitions. Herewith some of the factors to be taken into considdertation while applying for a job abroad.

  • Visa information:

Be sure you get all the information regarding visa rules in the country you are planning on starting your career. Every country possesses different immigration and visa rules, and one should know them all to avoid any immigration issue in the future.

  • Search country profiles:

Make you so spend enouh time investigating the most feasible countries before choosing the one to support your career ambitions. We offer you updated profiles of various countries to let you decide which country would be best to start your career abroad. Get all the information regarding labor laws, visa information, residence laws, etc. to ease your stay. 

  • GoinGlobal:

One of the best sources to get the maximum information regarding jobs, visa processing, application criteria, and employment trends in various countries is GoinGlobal. This site offers the student a job board to find all kinds of foreign jobs and internship programs. You can also find the country profiles of various countries to get acquainted with the job environment.

  • CV format:

While considering a career abroad, also research about the CV format prevalent or acceptable in a particular country. Various countries accept different formats of a cover letter and CVs, and you should submit your application accordingly to pass the eligibility criteria.

  • Reaching out to a potential employer:

Some countries do demand sponsorship from the employer, and if you are thinking about applying to any one of them, you must first reach out to your potential employer. 

  • Extensive information:

Read the job description carefully for all the required documents before applying for the job. The document requirement is not the same in all the countries, and you must be aware of it prior to applying for the job.

  • Interview preparation:

Most of the time, the business prefers a video interview on Skype or Zoom if the candidate resides outside the country. After applying, prepare yourself for the interview stage. Make sure you have a consistent internet connection, stable device, and quiet environment for the smooth interview.

  • Practice your interview:

The video interview can be entirely different from face-to-face interviews, so its important to doa practice run before the day of your intervew. You can choose our platform for online interview practice to ensure everything goes well during your interview.

  • Alumni assistance:

Stay in contact with your alumni network, especially those who have successfully found employment abroad. Get all the relevant information an insights regarding working abroad using your LinkedIn profile.

  • Career consultation:

Still unsure about starting your career abroad? Well, we are here to help, with our career experts, we have all the resources and information to assist you in choosing the right career and country to work abroad. Moreover, we have with us the information regarding applications, visas, and employment laws to ease your job hunt.

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