Sales Manager

Sales Manager

>POSSIBLE SALARY RANGE: R262,075 – R450,359 +*


Complete projects within agreed timescales and to budget by planning and organising staff, tasks, and resources

Skills and abilities: Excellent organisational, communication and leadership skills, IT literacy, motivational, budgeting and forecasting skills.

What are the responsibilities of a sales manager? Of course an answer to this question is not a straight forward one as it may differ from one organisation to another. The role of a sales manager may include the following:

  • Determining the aims of the client or business
  • Creating a sales plan and proactively experimenting to improve execution.
  • Performance management of sales teams.
  • Assisting with creation os sales forecasts and sales targets.
  • Monitoring progress in real-time and analysing data.
  • Overseeing the organisation’s sales training.
  • Setting and implementing quality standards for sales people and the service they deliver.
  • Keeping an active watch over (and involvement in) key accounts.
  • Mentoring individual sales reps and administering incentive programs.
  • Recruitment and hiring of sales people.
  • Motivation of sales people in the team.
  • Dealing with customer complaints related to behaviour of sales people.
  • Some of these sales manager responsibilities can overlap with those of other related roles depending upon the size and internal structure of your organisation.

Career progression: You may decide to enhance your sales management skills through a focussed qualification. With experience, you may rise to the position of Senior Sales Manager or Director of sales, or choose to work as a freelance consultant. 

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